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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


First off Happy Holidays to everyone! I enjoy this time of year in all the craziness that it brings. It is a great time to remember the important things in life---family and friends.

I am on my psychiatry rotation--nicknamed Pysch--right now. As far a med school rotation, this one is notorious for being an easy month. Not much hands on action, but lots of sitting in a small room hearing what crazy things one's mind can think up. I also hear what terrible childhoods and lives these patients have had and it makes you think twice before declaring you are having a bad day yourself. While I have enjoyed the short month, I do not believe it is for me. Hour interviews and 1/2 way diagnosis is not my style.

My next rotation is Pediatrics---nicknamed Peds---Dad to Sarah, "Why do you guys have a shortened version of everything!". I will be on the inpatient service first on the gastrointestinal team (GI). I am quite excited about it. While I hear this is the hardest service with the longest hours, I think it will be good to see if I really enjoy peds and would consider it for my career. Also, of all the subspecialities, GI always interested me. In February, I have Peds clinic for the first two weeks and newborn nursery for the last two weeks.

Hope all is well with everyone. Maybe I will make my New Year's Resolution to update more often. :)


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