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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Having a Good Weekend!

Just wanted to give a little report on my weekend. I went on Friday after class to spend some time with my family for Father's Day weekend.

On Friday, Grandpa and Carol Sue came over to go swimming, so I talked with them a while. Mom, Nick, and I also had polichinka for dinner that night. It is a dish that she learned how to make from her grandmother. It is always a great eat!

Saturday, I went to lunch with my parents to 54th Street Bar & Grill. Pretty uneventful, but tasty. That afternoon, my dad and I went to see Batman Begins. I think we both enjoyed it a lot. It was nice to spend some quality time with my dad. Later in the evening, mom and I decided to go to Walmart just to pick up a couple things. It turned out to be a crazy trip. Blue Springs just opened a Super Walmart about a month ago and closed the other smaller one. This new Walmart is not only HUGE, it is crazy busy too. We ended up being in line for over 30 mins. We went in the self-checkout lane and it was insane. The receipt tape ran out for the people in front of us, then for my $100 cashback, I got it in $5 and $1s, and then it ran out of any money to give my mom! By the end, my cashier skills of knowing the helper girl's drawer at her register had money it helped. They wanted us to wait until the Cash Office came up to give us our change. That would have taken even longer! By, the end, we both concluded that this new Walmart is horrible!! I think that is what most of Blue Springs is thinking

Today, Dad's day, Nick and Dad went down to Boy Scout camp to hang out for visitor's Sunday. Mom and I stayed home. We went to see Sisterhoood of the Traveling Pants this morning. We got bagels on the way there, so that hit the spot during the previews. Tonight mom is making lasagna and Grandpa and Carol Sue are coming over. Hopefully, it will be fun and tasty.

Well, that's been my weekend. Hope you all had great ones as well.


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