Obladi oblada-Life goes on

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

One test done and four more to go!! Finished my first test yesterday and started the cardiovascular section of the class today. The test went surprising well, especially after my crazy weekend. I think I actually scored the highest that I have ever scored in a LONG time. I hope I will be able to keep it up.

Not too much else going on, just studying.....thought I would up-date though.


  • At 1:02 PM, Blogger Danielle said…

    Thanks for informing me about Phoebe's life expectancy. LOL..Though I just took her to the vet for her shots and they said she might have ring worm (micro flashback: re tinea corpus)Ugh! It is a never ending drama with this cat. Good job on pharm!!! Keep up the good work :) I actually scored a little LOWER than I usually do. LOL. Wish I was in your shoes!


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