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Sunday, February 18, 2007

New post

I have been getting some complaints that I have not updated. Sorry. I have been a little busy! :)

New news: Got Engaged!!! Haven't officially set a date or location, but it will happen soon.

On my last two weeks of pediatrics. In the newborn nursery currently. It is a lot of paperwork, but it is also fun hanging out with the new babies. I start surgery in March/April and doubt it is going to be a tenth as fun as pediatrics.

Still confused about what I want to be. I have moved my ER rotation up to May so that I might be able to decide. After that, I hope I will be able to make a more informed decision. Any ideas?? I am open for suggestions. :)
Here's some pros and cons:

Family Medicine: pros: lots of different patient populations(Adults, Kids, OB), some procedures, can deliver babies; cons: not thought of highly in the medical field, residency programs don't look too exciting, one of lowest paid specialties

Pediatrics: pros: kids are fun and cuter than adults, laid back environment; cons: parents aren't always so fun, the lowest paid specialty, ear infections, fever and cough x3 days on almost every kid

Internal Medicine: pros: adults can tell you where it hurts, adults are easy to talk to and value your input (even if they don't follow it), more demand with the aging baby boomers; cons: old people aren't as cute, the triad: diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol

ER: pros: shift work without call, good pay, some excitement, procedures; cons: no continuity, lots of chronic pain med seekers, more competitive for residency selection


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