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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Up-date on my classes

Speech (M/W 2:00-3:15)
I am liking this class a lot. I have speech on Monday about paper clips. We were all assigned a weird topic and told to write an intro and conclusion to a fake speech. All the information can be made-up. It is more of a creative writing assignment. My speech takes about the plight of the paper clip in a stapler world. :) Wednesday I have my first BIG speech to give. It is a speech to inform. Mine is going to be about picking out a good diamond. Thought it would be interesting and maybe helpful to some of my classmates. The speech has to be 5-7 mins.

Writing and Technology (M/W 5:30-6:45)
We just finished reading, Building a Bridge to the 18th Century. Let's just say I am very glad to be done with it. It was written in a kind of stream-of-consciouness, so I was not a big fan. We just started reading, The Anarchist in the Library. No real opinion yet since I have only read the introduction. We have two major papers coming up. The first one is about a new technology and its implications. The second is a research paper about a technology with a thesis. I am not sure what I am doing either about. I am thinking of doing the latter on video games associated with childhood obseity.

Intro to Visual Arts (Online class)
Really this class should be called Art History. I have watched 8 of the 32 lectures and taken my first test. The test was rather nit-picky, so I am glad it was open-note, book, google. :) I am liking it for the most part though. I think is making me appreciate art more.

Society and Community Service (weekend class, next weekend being Oct. 8-9)
We are required to do a 30-hr internship in a nonprofit organization for this class. I started mine on Tuesday. I am with a group called, Westport Cooperative Services with their Meals-on-Wheels program. I have only done one day, but it is quite cool. I am planning on helping every Tuesday and maybe every Wednesday. In addition to the internship, we have to write a 15-page paper about a issue involved with our nonprofit. My paper will focus on shut-in eldery. I have already done some research, but have a long way to go.

Medical Decision Making (Tues 5-7pm)
In this class, we are learning how to evaluate studies. So far it has been a lot of statistics. I think it will be a very useful skill to have in the future, but no sure how enjoyable the class will be. We have one major test at the end and weekly online quizzes.

Clinic (Mondays 8:30-1:00)
I am now in-charge of teaching a Year 3 how see and treat outpatients. Usually this is a job given to Year 5s, but I got it a little early. My junior partners name is Allison. She is from Los Angeles and came to UMKC orginally on a volleyball scholarship. She only played for a year because it was hard balancing both school and volleyball. She is really sweet and seems eger to learn. Keeps me on my toes though as I try to set forth a good example. This week she shadowed me, but in the next couple of weeks, I will slowly hand her the reigns and guide her. She (like all Year 3s do) is learning Clinical Skills this semester as well, so I will help her to perfect them as well. I still have a senior partner as well if you were curious. I will not be working one-on-one with her until I start my docent rotation in Feb. At that time, she will teach me how to see and care for patients that are inpatients.

Well, that's that. Long post, I know. Any questions or comments?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Gold 2 Outing

Picture 1 (Me and my new junior partner, Allison)
Picture 2 (Leyat, Jessica, Bobby, Allison, and I) Picture 3 (Jess VB, me, Jess Reddoch)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's spirit week at the med school sponsered by the Color Officers. I am a color officer, so I have been in charge of getting people excited about it. Yesterday was Cake Decorating. You can see some pics on Danielle's blog. She thankfully helped me with it, otherwise I would have been on my own. Our school is not very spirited. :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Even if you are not much of an Oprah fan, you should try to watch this week. She is reporting from New Orleans and the surrounding. In the typical Oprah way, it is very heart-touching.

Monday, September 05, 2005

A picture to enjoy for Labor Day

Saturday, September 03, 2005


After starting my speech class, this is even funnier!