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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hello--Are there any more readers out there??

Just DoRoing....

Have had lots of stories to tell, but I keep forgeting to post them.
Some highlights of the past two months:

Taken care of too many lung cancer patients and sent them home to die

Become a more compassionate future doc--our second attending taught me how

Seen a patient drinking from his urinal when I entered in the morning

Taught another student about football--four years in the learning from Keith

Skipped out 1-2 hours early by cleaverly walking past our doctor's office

Watched a lady with cancer ask the attending if she was going to die and then check out AMA and die 4 days later

Tried to study only to discuss with another student the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon

Had a discussion with my patient about why he was not married to his long-term girlfriend

Been called, "Sunshine" by a patient and told if he had to stay for Thanksgiving at least he would get to see me.

Came up with many diagnosis that actually ended up being the diagnosis

Looked to for details in an attending-to-attending meeting

Followed up with a patient I had taken care for a month in the hospital and saw his great success

Explained hospice care to sick patients

Learned from my attending when he was talking to a patient that Mick Jagger was so drunk at his St. Louis concert in the late 70s that he offered a free concert.

Learned about SLE, Hep C, extreme hypothyroidism from teaching rounds.

Learned how crappy our system is.

Been thankful for the environment I grew up in--some people are screwed from the beginning.

Caught my patient smoking outside and bringing her McDonald's back to her room.

Explained to my patient how important it is to be nice to the nurses and they will be nice to you.

Become more confused about what the heck I want to be when I grow up.

Had dinner and drinks with the residents.

And much, much more.

Chairman's Nov. 28th. Wish me luck!
Next on my plate Psychiatry!

SCARY--never thought I would see this on my scheduling page!

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