Obladi oblada-Life goes on

Thursday, February 09, 2006

DoRo update

The month is quickly moving along. I am gradually picking up more and more. I am taking my own patients now, which makes things a bit more interesting. Most of my patients that I have seen are not too sick, so they usually go home quickly. That means, I have done lots and lots of discharge paperwork.

As for an interesting patient....this example shows how much our resources are wasted.
Mr. A comes in for chest pain to the emergency room. It is discovered that he developed this chest pain after running from the cops earlier that afternoon. Mr. A was running because he is wanted on federal warrants. Once he arrives at the hospital via ambulance (the cops had to send him), he suddenly confessed that he was going to slit his wrists. Besides deciding that he did not have a heart attack, we have to moniter him for 72 hours so he doesn't commit suicide. So, Mr. A is cuffed to the bed with a police officer watching him, as well as a nuse watching to make sure he doesn't hurt himself for the extent of his stay. According to his records, he has done this three other times as well, same complaints. Hmmm..... Thankfully, psych saw him and deemed he could go straight to jail, without being held for 72 hours.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I started my first "real" rotation on Wednesday. It is an internal medicine rotation, that the students call DoRo (pronouced: dough-row). My whole docent team (of eight students Years 4-6, the Year 3s do not participate) is on this rotation. They split the team in half, Teams A and B. I am on Gold A with my senior partner, Hannah (MS VI), Kathani (MS VI) and Jessica (MS IV). Together we help our intern and supervising resident take care of inpatients at the hospial.

Jessica wrote this on her blog and it explains things pretty well.

The past couple days have been kinda hectic. It is hard not knowing what is going on and not knowing how to do anything. The lack of sleep is not helping either. I was oncall the first day, with Hannah, so that made for a late night and an early morning (Hannah didn't make me stay up all night though). I am starting to get the hang out things now. Jessica and I will probably start taking out our patients soon as well.

I think you are probably already tired of reading, so more to come later on some very interesting patients.