Obladi oblada-Life goes on

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Last night Keith and I went to the Blue Springs South( my alma mater)-Blue Springs football game. It is a huge event and thousands of people come. After being down 7-21 in the half, BSSHS came back with 28-21. Go Jags!! Then, we went out with Lisa (a BSHS girl that I have been friends with since middle school) to Applebees for some snacks.

Then around midnight we made the trek back to Kansas. Driving through downtown, I see a single headlight coming up fast behind me. ZOOM! A motorcycle (I think it was a pocket rocket) with two people on it passes me at at least 100 mph (in a 55). "Hmm," I thought, "they are going fast, that is so dangerous!" About a minute later, I look in my rearview mirror and about 10 single headlights are coming up fast. ZOOM-ZOOM-ZOOM! 10 pocket rockets pass by at least as fast as the last one. "Feels like we are in a video game," I say to Keith. About 20 more secs pass and another group of 10 comes speeding past. How crazy! It truely did feel like the racing games where the motorcycles have to "dodge" the normal cars on the road.

So cute... :)

Friday, November 04, 2005

This is Snowball.

My best non-human friend!

She lives at my parent's house still. I got her when I was a first grader. She is obessed with playing with her cat toys (especially sparkly balls). The scars on her nose (in case you were curious) are from her itching so bad from ear mites as a kitten. Poor Snowy!

Just had to show her off, since everyone else shows their pets on their blogs. :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005